Mobile App Development

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Mobile apps are essential for any businesses that are looking to streamline their sales, customer service, and business strategy. We take great pride in helping business leaders redefine their success with innovative native mobile applications in all established platforms. We're in the cutting edge of exploring

applications for wearable devices that take advantage of native hardware, going beyond traditional touch and click interfaces. Our designers and developers take time to fully understand your target audience and carefully construct the perfect user interface to match their requirements.

Apps that look great are often used more frequently. Our designers understand this and make sure we take time to design interfaces which grab the user's attention.

best practices
Wide range of design and development

We consult with you from concept to deployment to ensure that the end product is in line with your expectations. We focus on the needs of your users to ensure that their experience will be exceptional while still staying in line with your business objectives

Requirement Analysis

At Convivial Software we understand this crucial component and assign a dedicated project manager who takes the time to understand all aspects of a project to ensure that the desired solution is delivered.

UI design

Following consultation, we start working on the design. We create interactive prototypes that allow our clients to navigate through all aspects of the user interface, user experience, and functionality.


We employ an agile software development lifecycle to offer flexibility that is necessary in the digital marketplace while incorporating the best technologies to ensure clients’ objectives are met efficiently.

Multi Device Testing

All projects go through a rigorous quality assurance phase which includes both manual and software based testing tools. our project managers use specialized software to ensure that there are no issues with the code.

Certify App

When you submit app for certification, the app goes through several steps.We perform all the steps
  • Upload
  • Preprocessing
  • Security tests
  • Technical compliance tests
  • Content compliance
  • Certification report
  • Release
  • Signing and publishing


Once a client’s solution has gone through all the steps of our process and is ready to go live, we provide the support and marketing to increase online visibility for the project.

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