We don't just build websites, we build websites that SELLS

intelligent . customer-centric . sales-optimized

Since our inception, we've produced countless enterprise-grade e-commerce platforms that allow our clients not only to have a feature-rich storefront, but also an intelligent, customer-centric and sales-optimized design that will keep your customers coming back. Our e-commerce platforms are custom designed

for growing enterprises to facilitate easy customer management and check out. Advanced e-commerce features we provide are : Front-end Functionality, Merchant & Custom Features, Third Party Integration.

In order to meet the demand made by the Internet users, organizations are now beginning to rely on the e-commerce solutions that help reach and keep customers, open new markets, and condense the business processes

best practices
Wide range of design and development

We setting up and running an e-commerce application, especially one that processes a large number of transactions, requires technical, marketing and advertising expertise.

Front-end Functionality

  • Easy to use, guided, checkout process for optimized shopping experience for new and existing customers.
  • Product Search, Sort, Categories, and Subcategories.
  • Image Zoom & Multiple Images Per Product.
  • Product Cross-selling or Up-selling.
  • Shipping & Tax Calculation (based on merchant provided information).

Customer Features

  • Printer Friendly Order Confirmation
  • E-mail Confirmation of Successful Order Placement
  • Secure Client Login to view order status, past orders, open customer service tickets, and accommodate easy checkout for revisiting customers.
  • E-mail alert upon entry of Shipment Tracking Information

Merchant Features

  • Comprehensive Order Management System
  • Comprehensive Product & Category Management System
  • E-mail Alert per Order
  • Detailed Sales Report with Graphical Illustrations
  • Printer Friendly Order Confirmation Page
  • Basic Inventory Management Solution

Supplier Features

  • Secure Supplier Login to view order information pertaining to their products.
  • Supplier E-mail Order Alert pertaining to their products.
  • Supplier Order Fulfillment Engine.

Content Management

User Friendly Content Management System to update other non-shopping pages of the website

Sales Optimization

  • Advanced Google Analytics Setup with a Certified Specialist.
  • Lead Capture and Lead Funnel Tracking.
  • Search Engine Friendly Product Indexing.

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